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Here's What People Are Saying About Recruiters Connection

"We have been delighted with the results of running promotions through the Recruiters Connection network. If you are considering advertising to an audience of recruiters, I highly recommend this site."
- Ian Siegel, CEO,

"You don't know what you don't know. Last year I made a decision to invest in a Premium Membership on Recruiters Connection and renewed again. Yes, the directory works. I signed a contract with a local health system several weeks ago. The client located me through the Recruiters Connection Directory. Called me, we set up a face to face meeting, and they have me working on four positions. Great ROI. This is a new client that will keep me busy the entire year! You need to invest in your business."
- Joe Feldman, Search Consultant, FeldmanSearch, LLC

"I have found Recruiters Connection to be invaluable. I use the RC LinkedIn site to post notices of the Columbus Chapter and the Ohio Association of Executive Search Professional Association meetings nearly every month. I have posed several questions concerning ATS options and other recruiting questions. I watch the discussions. I take advantage of the training seminars by top national people. I have partnered with other recruiters on searches. I personally feel that the premium membership opportunity is a bargain, and I have extended my subscription through 2012."
- Eleanor Meekins, MSA, CPC, Eleanor Meekins and Associates

"It was a pleasure speaking with you ... yesterday. Thank you for all your help getting me started on this fantastic website!"
- Lisa Henson, Henson Healthcare Placement

"Thank you so much for the webinar (12 Step Marketing Plan), it was very informative and I am deciding which change you suggested to make for the month..."
- Anya Hurtado, Senior Executive Search Consultant

"Oh thank YOU for hosting it!! Great information!" (Referring to our webinar, "Actions that are Closest to the Money")
- Nora Pinales, Employee Solutions

"A National recruiters' directory, searchable by state and/or by discipline, and, easy to use. Wow! When I first heard about Recruiters Connection, I thought about who this would benefit. After visiting the site, it didn't take me long to see that any recruiters' customers will benefit...that means candidates and clients both! It really allows these "customers" to connect to YOU, the recruiter, that much faster. With over 13,000 listings and growing, you need to see for yourself...!"
- John Sacerdote, CPC/CTS, Vice President, National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS)

"I really enjoy the EASE of using I go there for every recruiting resource I need and especially when I need to get a message out to all Central Ohio Third Party Recruiters who aren't members of OAESP or need info right away on a recruiting question. I am also able to EASILY connect with national recruiters through Recruiters Connection. The webinars are done by top of the industry people on the important topics. Recruiters Connection is a premium resource for me!"
- Eleanor Meekins, MSA, CPC, Eleanor Meekins and Associates, Columbus Chapter Chair, OAESP (Ohio Assn. of Exec. Search Prof.)

“Just finished participating in the (Market Share Mastery) Webinar and I LOVED IT!!! A lot of great information...I look forward to the next one...”
- Kelly Prichard, President, Foothills Temporary Employment, Hudson, NC

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