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Train & Gain Webinars for Recruiters

Learn from Leaders in the Recruiting Industry, Our Recruiter and Headhunter Training Webinars Help Support the Day-to-Day Operations of Executive Search Firms, Retained Search Firms, Staffing Firms, Temp to Contract Agencies and Employment Agencies

Join us for our recruiter education Train & Gain webinars, all from your desk. Our webinars will support the recruiter training needs of your firm. We all need refresher courses, but who has the time to get to those recruiter seminars? While sitting at your desk, enjoying a cup of coffee or having lunch, get trained!
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Our Train and Gain Webinars are typically no longer than one hour and CEU certified through the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS). Recruiters Connection brings them to you from top national trainers within the recruiting industry. Learn from Barb Bruno, Rob Mosley, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Jordan Rayboy, Dave Knutson, and Neil Lebovitz just to name a few.

Your day-to-day questions will be answered, such as: How will using LinkedIn benefit me as a recruiter? What are the techniques to help support my client development? How do I make an effective business plan? How do I make the most out of my day? How do I increase my sendouts? How do I get started as a recruiter? How do I become certified, CPC, CTS? And more.

Premium Members:

Your company will be able to utilize the “Video Library” that will include all the recordings of the webinars. (Should the speaker allow for it and most do!)

How do I join these webinars?

If you are a member of Recruiters Connection, we will send you an email on the upcoming recruiting webinars prior to the event. You may also find our training for recruiters and training for headhunters through our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter postings. In addition, they will always be listed on this page for a quick reference.

How much do they cost?

Most are complimentary, free webinars for recruiters.

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