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"Just wanted to let you know that we placed our first direct referral in California. We would like to extend the agreement 3 months...into 2016. Thanks."
- Jim Infantino, Infantino Search & Consulting

"Your website has been easy to work with and has resulted in identifying some good candidates. Keep up the good work!"
- Mike Flamer | TheDorfmanGroup

"I am very pleased with the results I have been getting from posting my jobs on your site and very pleased with the package you have offered."
- Connie Moore | C. A. Moore & Associates

"Let’s renew. I am happy with the results!"
- Scott Rollins | President | SC International, Ltd. 

"Recruiters Connection is a National Directory of Recruiters, with an amazing job board. If you are a recruiter that is trying to get your name out there, you should (a) register to have your firm listed in the Directory, and (b) use their job board as it attracts the passive candidates that we as recruiters have a hard time getting a hold of. We at Curta, recruiter recruiters and have a standing job posting with them as the talent we get from them is second to none and worth its weight in gold. It is worth looking into; and they also provide a lot of training for recruiters free of charge."
- Rebecca Sargeant | Owner |

"I am getting really good responses from my postings on Recruiters Connection. While not everyone who applies is a match, they are still fairly good quality just not someone we might be able to help. And 2 candidates that are in final interviews this week came through this site (Recruiters Connection) …  I know you guys like to hear feedback, so I figured that I would share and let you know that I'm very happy with this site."  
- Lyris Autran | Partner | Hicks Recruiting, LLC

 "A candidate I received from a posting on Recruiters Connection has accepted our Training Director position. She started ...  and both our Client and Candidate are very happy ...  I have been pleasantly surprised with the quantity and quality of the candidates I've been seeing from (our) postings. While I admit that Training and Director are popular employment keywords, I posted on LinkedIn and two other boards that produced traffic, but the new RC job board produced the right candidate. Based on this result, I would highly recommend the Recruiters Connection Job Board to 3rd Party Recruiters." 
- Jim Sullivan | Owner | Galaxy Management 

"You don't know what you don't know. Last year I made a decision to invest in a Premium Membership on Recruiters Connection and renewed again. Yes, the directory works. I signed a contract with a local health system several weeks ago. The client located me through the Recruiters Connection Directory. Called me, we set up a face to face meeting, and they have me working on four positions. Great ROI. This is a new client that will keep me busy the entire year! You need to invest in your business. That was the best $$$ I have spent in a long time." 
- Joe Feldman | Search Consultant | FeldmanSearch, LLC 

"Thanks so much for the information. Your service is Great! I am going to help spread the word by posting it on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook!"  
- Scott Burke, Director | TCA - Total Career Advancement

Recruiters Connection provides the most complete and comprehensive industry specific National Directory of Recruiting Firms to both job seekers and employers. Your company listing on Recruiters Connection can increase your job orders and candidate flow. If you think that’s exciting, we are just launching a job board for recruiters, headhunters, staffing agencies, and employment agencies. All this in addition to training your recruiters monthly through webinars with industry leaders; providing educational resources to help support your day-to-day operations; increasing your market share through our SEO; and maximizing job placements through the Job Board, our newest tool to support you (3rd Party Recruiters only, No Corporate Recruiters allowed to post), and networking on our Job Split Placement Board!

We have both Premium and Basic Membership options. Premium Membership includes job postings on our Job Board and Job Split Board, top ranking in the directory, company name in a larger bolded font, a detailed company profile, separate links to both your website and current job postings, and a contact link allowing job seekers or employers to contact you directly. Get upgraded today and take advantage of this and much more. See Premium Membership for more benefits. Basic Membership includes company name, city, state and phone number, and is listed below the Premium Members.

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As a member of Recruiters Connection, we provide you with services that will help sustain your recruiting business with Job Orders (from companies in need of a search firm), Job Seekers (within specific industries driven directly to you), SEO (gain additional market share through our SEO), Job Board (where only 3rd Party Recruiters can post, No Corporate Recruiters allowed)  and Job Splits (Recruiter to Recruiter Job Split Board), Training (through webinars), recruiter Certification Training, CEU Accredited Webinars, recruiter Social Networking (LinkedIn) and more!

Additional information to help support your daily operations includes: candidate tracking and applicant tracking software, recruiting software, candidate sourcing, sendouts, internet recruiting, recruiting conferences both State and National recruiter associations, recruiting resources, recruiter networking, temp/contract payroll funding, recruiter certification, recruiter training videos, recruiting groups, social networking and other recruiting resources.

We understand that as recruiters it is important to provide job seekers and employers with the most current information on your company. That being said, you can personalize, update and manage your company's information as needed by logging in through our “Account Manager” tool.

Whether you are a national or state recruiting firm, employment agency, headhunter, staffing agency or executive search firm in the contingency, retained search or temp/contract field, marketing a recruiting business and building a recruiting brand online is important! Becoming visible on our national directory and job board (for 3rd Party Recruiters, No Corporate Recruiters allowed to post) should be included in your strategic business plan.

Join like-minded companies in showcasing the recruiting industry on Recruiters Connection and add your company to support job seekers and employers with their future job searches!

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