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The following are the terms and conditions pertaining to Basic Members and Premium Members on

  1. Each Premium member shall pay Recruiters Connection, LLC (“RC”) an annual fee of $399. The initial annual fee shall be payable immediately following the Premium Member’s check of the box pertaining to Membership Terms and Conditions, which indicates acceptance of these rules and regulations. Membership shall become effective upon receipt of the annual fee by RC, with subsequent fees due each anniversary date of the initial fee. RC may raise or lower the annual fee, in its sole discretion, upon notice to the member, which may be given via this web site.
  2. Premium Members shall be entitled to the following benefits:
    1. Premium placement on the directory of recruiters alphabetically contained on the RC web site.
    2. From time to time, Premium Members will be randomly highlighted in RC’s “Featured Recruiter” display when a web site user searches the Premium Member's state and specialization.
    3. Access to RC’s “Train and Gain” Webinars and Webinar Video Library.
    4. The right to participate in RC’s Job Split Board, in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth below.
    5. Display of detailed company profile information on RC’s web site.
    6. A direct link to Premium Member's company website.
    7. A direct link to Premium Member's company job postings.
    8. A direct email link from RC’s web site to the Premium Member.
    9. Such discounts as may be available from time to time on products or services pertinent to Premium Member’s business.
  3. RC reserves the right to add to, delete or modify any of these benefits from time to time, in its sole discretion, upon notice to the Premium Member and Basic Member, which may be given via this web site.
  4. Basic Members shall pay RC an annual fee of $249, payable immediately following the Basic Member’s check of the box pertaining to the Membership Terms and Conditions, which indicates acceptance of these rules and regulations. The benefits of Basic membership are a directory listing of the Basic Member’s name, city, state and telephone number. Basic Members’ listings shall appear following the listing of Premium Members.
  5. The following pertains to the RC Job Split Board:
    1. A Premium Member may post a job order for such fee as RC may set from time to time, and may be payable upon posting. Each posting may have an expiration date, as set by RC. Currently, Premium Members may post unlimited job orders, which expire in 60 days.
    2. Premium Members desiring to submit candidates in response to any job order posting shall contact the job order firm through the "Make a Connection" link on the Job Split Board. RC plays no role whatsoever in overseeing the efforts to complete split fee placements, or resolving disputes which may arise between Members.
    3. The terms and conditions of each split placement are to be solely determined by the participating members, in their discretion. RC urges Members to have a thorough understanding in advance of fees, guarantees, right to source candidates, discretion as to refunds, and any other aspect of their relationship.
    4. To the extent the parties have not set forth an aspect of their relationship, they shall be governed by the National Association of Personnel Services (“NAPS”) Standard Policy For Cooperative Placement Relationships, except that NAPS arbitration shall only be available to NAPS members.
    5. Information set forth on the Job Split Board is confidential, and shall be used only for the purpose of attempting to make a split fee placement with the posting Member.
  6. Premium Members and Basic Members hereby indemnify and hold harmless RC, its officers, directors, employees and agents from any claim or cause of action arising out of such Member’s acts or omissions related in any way to its membership, including but not limited to, claims arising out of information placed on this web site by Premium Members or Basic Members, information contained on Premium Member’s or Basic Member’s web site, claims of violation of any applicable laws, including laws against discrimination in employment, claims arising as a result of the acts or omissions of other Members and any claims arising out of use of the Job Split Board.
  7. RC may terminate, or refuse renewal of, a Premium Member or Basic Member’s membership at any time for any reason. If the termination is for other than a breach of these terms and conditions by said Member, then RC shall, upon termination, refund to the Member any unused portion of its annual fee.
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