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Why Use a Recruiter?

How to Effectively Use a Recruiter to Connect You to Your Future Career

How recruiters work and why use a headhunter has puzzled job seekers for some time. Executives and professionals in transition who are managing a new job search can look to recruiters for career change advice and recruiters job opportunities. Here are some helpful tips for using recruiters, how to work with recruiting firms and what recruiters look for in job seekers.

About Recruiters

Recruiters have many responsibilities: Researching job markets; marketing to employers; helping employers negotiate salaries; interviewing qualified candidates; presenting candidates to their clients; preparing candidates for the interview process; negotiating candidate’s employment package; and preparing candidates for a smooth job transition.

Once a company has engaged a recruiting firm to work on a job opening, it is the recruiter’s responsibility to present three to five qualified candidates to the employer. Many recruiting firms specialize in national job searches and place candidates throughout the country.

When a job seeker’s experience meets the search criteria, a recruiter will conduct an extensive phone screen to pre-qualify the candidate for the open position, in addition to ensuring that the candidate has a strong interest in the opportunity. When a job seeker is working with a local recruiting firm, a face to face interview may take place. Should the candidate meet the qualifications, a phone screen or face-to-face interview would be scheduled with the employer. Recruiters work closely with candidates and provide coaching on how to make a good impression with the employer and answer tough interview questions.


A recruiter will introduce you to an organization and make you stand out from the crowd. You are being recommended from a trusted source that has a relationship with the client, so always make a good impression through each step of the process.

Many job searches are confidential and working with recruiters can help you tap into the “hidden job market.” A company paying for a search is typically financially strong and is more likely to be committed to your success.

A recruiter is an experienced professional that will work with you throughout the entire process offering advice on interviewing tips, phone screen tips, face to face interview tips, interview preparation tips, salary negotiation tips, how to read through an offer, resignation tips, and getting you through your first 90 days on the job.

Let Recruiters Take the Lead

To effectively work with recruiters once they have contacted you, let them take the lead. Never embellish facts or stretch the truth about your experiences, education, income or other key issues. Provide references and be on time for appointments, phone calls, and engage yourself in the process. Be open and prove you have nothing to hide. If you are really not interested in the position, say so, and recruiters will appreciate you being up front early. Offer referrals and be a valued resource and you will be remembered over other candidates when new jobs open up.

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