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How do I find a recruiting firm on your directory?
Use the search function at the top of any of the pages in our National Directory of Recruiting Firms. You may also go to Recruiters Directory and select the keyword search function or the state that you would like to search for a recruiter (you can choose National, if you are interested in looking for a position nationally), industry and industry subcategory that best describes your background. Click on search and a comprehensive list of recruiting firms will be provided. Search Directory

Does Recruiters Connection offer any other services other than the National Directory of Recruiting Firms?
Yes, we offer Train & Gain Webinars and valuable Resources.

Is there a cost to use Recruiters Connection for Employers?
There is no cost to use our National Directory of Recruiting Firms or resources.

Is there a way to register with Recruiters Connection as an Employer?
Employers and HR Managers can register with Recruiters Connection through the “Join Our Email List” on our home page. Once you join, we will send you periodic updates on helpful information that can be found on our website.

Once I find a recruiter on Recruiters Connection, how can I contact them?
If the recruiting firm is a Premium Member there will be a link to their company profile. Within the company profile there will be a direct email link with the option of attaching a job description or other information. If the recruiting firm is a Basic Member you can call them with the phone number provided on the website.

How can I sign up for a webinar?
On the Employers menu click on the “Train & Gain Webinar” tab, choose a webinar that you would like to attend, and click on “Join Webinar”.

Can an employer get resumes sent directly to them from job seekers?
No, employers cannot receive resumes directly from job seekers. An employer can contact a recruiter that is listed on our website and work with them to fill open positions with qualified candidates. See our resource on “Why Use a Recruiter?” on the Employers menu.

Can an employer advertise job openings on Recruiters Connection?
An employer can place a “general” advertisement on Recruiters Connection to attract potential candidates, but cannot place specific job postings.

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